heroyne - The new everyday luxury



 HEROYNE stands for sustainable design jewelry
with a unique modern edge.
The brand is based on the vision to refocus on creativity
and a true design process,
therefore all pieces start with a drawing in our studio in Berlin Mitte.


 Committed to the highest quality standards and
traditional expert German craftsmanship,
heroyne jewelry is made exclusively by hand
from certified recycled gold and silver, 100% in Germany.





"When creating heroyne, my vision was to design
feminine and timeless statement pieces
that come with an
unusual high and sustainable quality."


Theresia Sonja Schick
Founder & Designer heroyne





HEROYNE jewelry emphasizes the beauty of your individuality, your inner strength and your uniqueness.



 "Our name heroyne is derived from the female word for hero – heroine."


With heroyne, we love to offer you unique design jewelry that ist made-to-last and designed-to-stay.




"Designer Theresia Schick creates a vision
of elegant statement pieces
that surpass time and are dedicated to women of all ages.

The pieces inspire with unique shapes and forms
and are still surprisingly classic and timeless
for an everyday luxury moment."