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Material & Product care

Manufacturing in Germany

At heroyne, it is very important to us to offer you high-quality sustainable jewelry.
All collections are in-house designed in our Berlin studio.

We combine modern production methods like 3D printing with traditional goldsmith craftsmanship. All pieces are individually manufactured, and each single manufacturing step is carried out by an experienced craftsman.

To meet our high-quality standards, our jewelry is made exclusively in Germany and our materials are sourced ethically. We focus on recycled gold and silver as well as certified manufacturers.


Gold plated jewelry is a beautiful alternative in times of rising gold prices. Our jewelry is available in 925 sterling silver or gold-plated brass.

925 sterling silver

We exclusively use 925 sterling silver. Silver is a high-quality precious metal with the favorable property of not being attacked (oxidize) by the oxygen in the air. However, after some time, the silver can turn yellowish to black (so-called tarnishing) because the hydrogen sulfide in the air or the pH value of the skin attack it. A high level of humidity and enormous temperature differences might intensify the reaction. If you use silver daily and properly store and care for it, you can prevent tarnishing.

If there are unwanted scratches and discolorations, silver can be polished up well again. Also, if one of the silver jewelry pieces has lost its shine and has become dull, it is recommended to use a silver polishing cloth.


The thickness of the gold layer is decisive for the quality and durability of the jewelry piece.
The gold-plating strength is given in millième (fine gold content, weight) or micron (thickness of the gold layer).

We use a thick layer of at least 3 microns for all our jewelry. And since rings are most exposed to daily wear, we use at least 5 microns for all our rings. Our necklaces come with a 10 millième gold-plating.

Regarding our materials, we focus on certified and sustainable products, such as recycled gold and silver.
It is essential for us to only work with materials that are very long-lasting and that you can use in your daily life for years to come.

18 karat gold-plating

Specific alloys are used to gold-plate a piece of jewelry. At heroyne, we work with 18 karat gold. We use mainly brass as a base as it is very lightweight.

Karat is a term for the fineness standard of precious metal. The fineness here denotes the proportion of gold that is contained in an alloy. 1000 parts of an alloy are divided into 24 carats. In 18-carat gold plating, 750 out of 1000 parts are made of gold.

How to make your jewelry last

Even the highest quality gold-plating does not last forever if mishandled. Jewelry is made to be used. Small traces of wear only make it an individual and loved piece.

We have provided some care and storage instructions for you to keep your enjoyment of the jewelry for a long time.


We recommend taking your jewelry off before contact with water, during sports, and when sleeping.
Contact with chemicals, perfume, saltwater, soap, or other irritants also attacks the material and leads to wear and tear.


It is best to store your jewelry away from sunlight and heat. Ideally, in a box or some other sealed container.
It is best to pack your jewelry separately to prevent contact with other accessories. It might create scratches on the surface, and the polished surface suffers.
Due to high humidity, places such as the kitchen and bathroom are not the right places to keep your jewelry.

If you follow the instructions when using your jewelry, you will surely enjoy your jewelry for a long time.